Book Review – Earth Magic

“Earth Magic” by: Steven D. Farmer

I am struggling writing this review, so bear with me if my thoughts are a little jumbled.

“In this fascinating book, Dr. Steven Farmer offers a unique synthesis of ancient shamanic practices and philosophies that have proven over millennia to help heal the spiritual causes of physical and emotional illnesses, augment personal power, enhance manifestation abilities, and encourage a balanced and harmonious relationship with our Earth”

The book does not specifically say it is for beginners however, the second paragraph on the jacket reads like this:

Although the foundation for “Earth Magic” is universal shamanic wisdom, it’s not necessary to have an interest in shamanism to benefit from its contents, as it expands beyond this topic to incorporate processes that are useful for all those with the sincere intention to heal themselves, others and the planet.

This is what led me to believe the book could be used by anyone and not specifically someone with shamanic training. While the beginning of the book did cover some basic shamanic principles (the reason I picked up this book) the activities mainly were designed for those with great experience, save for a few.

There is also a lot in the book about needing a shamanic teacher before trying the activities. While this makes perfect sense to me in terms of safety and well-being,  I feel the author misrepresented what the book is really about. It is not for everyone, and certainly not for those who are not seeking formal training. If you are seeking formal training this book could give you an interesting perspective, but the book will be rendered unnecessary if you are receiving formal training.

While I understand many authors must always be selling their other books and workshops etc. this read a lot like a constant ad. I felt like there were pop up ads every few pages from the middle of the book to the end about workshops and programs he runs. A little excessive.

Steven D. Farmer is the best-selling author of Animal Spirit Guides. I am really interested in this so maybe I will give him the benefit of the doubt and read it.

If any of your have read this book and want to share your opinions, please do so. I would love to hear from you!



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