Book Review – The Circle Within

Book Review – The Circle Within By: Dianne Sylvan

What seems like very long time ago I read a book that changed how I viewed my daily spiritual practices. While this book is specific to Wicca, it can be a source of inspiration for any path. I have Wiccan roots but am an eclectic witch following my own personal tradition which is a mix of kitchen and Hedge witchery. I was able to translate it into something that fell in line with my personal beliefs.

I like this book a lot because it goes beyond the basics, but is a simple and straightforward approach to developing a deeper spiritual practice.

“The Circle Within” by Dianne Sylvan

Published by: Llewellyn Publications 2003

Excerpt from the book jacket:

The Circle Within is your guide to creating a personal spiritual practice for daily life. The first section is a thoughtful examination of Wicca ethics and philosophy that explores how to truly live Wicca. The second section includes devotional prayers and rituals that provide inspiration for group or solitary practice.”

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