Numerical Correspondences

This is a basic list of number correspondences you can use in spells and rituals. Keep in mind this barely scratches the surface of using numbers in magick. You could dedicate an entire library worth of information on numerology around the world, its history, uses and meanings. Eventually, I will delve much deeper into this topic and make it a category all on its own.

1. Masculine energy (particularly deity), beginnings, will-power, courage, independence and self-awareness.

2. Feminine energy (particularly deity), peace, love, insight, endurance, knowledge.

3. Imagination, communication, happiness, humour. The number 3 is sacred in many religions.

4. Earth, grounded energy, honestly, caution, reliability, attention to detail.

5. Adventure, adaptability, courage, global awareness and consciousness.

6. Healing energy, caring and empathy, accountability and responsibility.

7. Intelligence and wisdom, spirituality, insight and focus.

8. Success, authority, sound judgement, strength, talent and leadership.

9. Generosity, nobility, charity, kindness and cooperation.

Using numerical correspondences in magick is quite simple. Find the number that corresponds with your intent and implement it in a variety of ways. For example if the number 3 is related to your spell, you may burn three candles, use three different herbs, or measure an herb in three portions, three drops of an oil, or perform the spell over three days. Your spell may have three components. The options are limitless and you can get very creative.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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