What is Sympathetic Magick?

You may see “sympathetic magick” referred to often in books and blogs but may not know exactly what it means. It is a very simple concept in witchcraft. It’s when our actions in a spell or ritual imitate the real ones we wish to manifest in our lives.

An example of sympathetic magick in witchcraft is when we use an object such as a candle, a poppet, a picture, and the like, in a spell to represent a real world thing we want to change. If you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, a candle might represent the habit that goes away as the candle burns.

Another example is when practitioners physically move or pour water in ritual to bring about rain. This may be accompanied by drumming representing thunder.

Whenever you perform a spell or ritual, think about the different types of sympathetic magick you are using. It will help you learn how to create spells and rituals of your own.

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