Tadpoles in the Garden!!??


I was out in the garden this morning weeding and cleaning up and discovered that my neglected “Slug Pubs” have filled with rain water and upon closer inspection I have discovered toad tadpoles!!! We have been seeing many baby toads out and about lately and I had wondered where they …

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Dust your Houseplants

Greetings all! I just wanted to remind you to dust your houseplants every now and again. I try to do mine every few weeks. You can dust them by either gently wiping the foliage with a soft cloth or you can mist the plants with water from a spray bottle. …

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Blog Spring Cleaning

Hello all! As I am spring cleaning my home, I also am spring cleaning my blog. Ritually Made is getting a facelift over the next few weeks. (Slowly but surely as I am recovering from surgery). The site will stay somewhat the same, I am just organizing it in a …

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