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Ritually Made is a Pagan and Witchcraft blog.

I am a Pagan lifestyle blogger that focuses on bringing a magick touch to every aspect of your life. I cover homesteading, crafts, frugal living, rituals, spells, charms, cooking, inspiration, and gardening. I update my blog frequently so keep checking back with me for new ideas. No matter what path or tradition you follow there is something for everyone! I try my best to use neutral language as much as possible. I use Spirit instead of the God and Goddess from tradition and so on.

I really hope you enjoy my blog. Questions and comments are always welcome . sway@rituallymade.com Please share your own ideas as well or things you would like to see me cover in this blog.

Disclaimer: The suggestions made in this blog are not meant to replace medical advice. Please be sure to always seek professional medical advice to determine and treat any conditions you may have. Speak to your medical professional before using any alternative healing methods.


Tadpoles in the Garden!!??


I was out in the garden this morning weeding and cleaning up and discovered that my neglected “Slug Pubs” have filled with rain water and upon closer inspection I have discovered toad tadpoles!!! We have been seeing many baby toads out and about lately and I had wondered where they …

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