December Full Moon

The full moon in December is Known as the Cold Moon and Long Nights Moon. The time of darkness in December greatly affects us. We know that the light will eventually return as it always does, so at this moon we can focus on taking this time of silence to look inward and work on ourselves.

Now is a time to look deeply into yourself and evaluate your life. Acknowledge what you’ve survived and what you’ve accomplished. Know that lighter days will return as will all the blessings the light brings. Embrace your faith in the cycle of life, death and rebirth and remember to carry that faith with you into the lighter half of the year.

For now, feel the darkness, the quiet and the stillness. Let it restore you and give thanks for it.

Tap into the element of fire at this full moon and use white, red and black candles and decorations along with obsidian and rubies in your spells and rituals.

Journal about the past year. Celebrate your victories and acknowledge the hardships and all of the things you have overcome and experienced. Give thanks for all of these blessings. Yes give thanks for the hardships as well. Hard times help grow and strengthen us. We learn from all of our experiences, good and bad.

Photo by Lady Black

You can include word such as these in your ritual:

In the blackness the full moon glows

in the dark The Earth Mother knows

what we’ve survived, accomplished and grown

we’ve received the blessings of the seeds we have sown.

We know new light is on its way

but now is the night the dark can stay

and we can evaluate, change and plan

so when the light comes back, we can_

_experience rebirth and life anew

to make new vows, and old ones renew.

The darkness allows us to make this so

and we will continue to grow.

See the darkness outside and the light within

and know by the light of this moon we begin

the next step on the journey of life

and take into the darkness our inner light.

So mote it be.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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