Activities for Beltane

I have been a solitary witch most of my life so I thought I would share some Beltane activities that you can do on your own.

I have always wanted to dance the Maypole but never had access to large group gatherings so I improvised. I had to do indoor ritual because I lived in an apartment. I had a tall floor lamp that I wound ribbons around to symbolize the Maypole. You can do this along with singing or chanting as well. When I have had a yard (which wasn’t very often) I have a tall piece of doweling that I put into the ground and dance and chant around that.

Blessing seeds is another great activity for Beltane. You can make it part of your ritual.

Depending on your tradition (some say the God and Goddess are married this day some say on the solstice) but I have always celebrated it on Beltane, you can make a token for the God and Goddess to leave as a gift on a tree branch or even a potted plant.

If I was doing ritual indoors, I would bless it on the altar and then afterwards go outside and hang it on a tree. But if that is not an option, placing it on a potted plant would work also. If you are leaving it outside, make something that is biodegradable so as to not harm the earth and litter. Bunches of flowers tied together with hemp would be nice. Use your imagination.

Take a walk in the woods (or even a park) and look around you. Spring is bursting through the ground now and you can see the God in his Green Man aspect. Find a quiet place and meditate among the trees or just be still and appreciate the beauty of the forest.

How do you celebrate Beltane? Share your ideas with us in the comments section.

May you have a blessed Beltane!

Lady Black

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