August Full Moon

Known to many as the Corn Moon or Sturgeon Moon, this is traditionally the time of year we begin to harvest corn. This moon is a great time to focus on your own health, physically and spiritually. Take advantage of the delicious produce and nice weather to exercise outdoors. Start meditating daily, do a daily ritual of gratitude etc. Whatever you feel will increase your health, mind, body and spirit.

This is also a time to start stocking your herb cupboards, both magickal and mundane. Sort through your books and decide what you want to study over the next cycle. See the Homesteading posts for ways to preserve the summer’s produce at the height of the season so you can have healthy food all winter long.

This moon is also a good time to look at some of the sacrifices you can make to better yourself or your situation in the future. Think of all aspects of your life.

Use red, yellow and orange in your rituals this month, along with red agates, carnelians and garnets. The element of this moon is fire.

Make a list of all the sacrifices you need to make to better yourself and wear carnelian for courage and confidence to achieve your goals.

Photo by Lady Black

You can include words such as these in your rituals:

The full moon named for corn

the jewels in the sky adorn.

The Earth Mother’s beauty and light

as we see the harvest promised this night.

Our focus, this moon tells us

is on our health and wellness.

Enjoy the blessings of this season

The Earth Mother’s love gives us reason

to make the sacrifices that will better our lives

and focus on the things that make us wise.

So mote it be.

Many blessings,

Lady Black


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