Spring Cleaning Continued

Last week we talked about the mundane chores of spring cleaning your home. Now comes the spiritual cleansing.

There are many wonderful ways to spiritually cleanse the home. Rosemary bundles are fast and effective. As is sprinkling a blessed mixture of salt and water. Depending on how much time you have you can do a few minutes of smoke cleansing or you can do a more complex ritual.

Here are some ideas for quick cleansing:

  • Using a rattle to clear the space in your home. The noise the rattle makes breaks up the negative energy. Be sure to rattle in each corner, closet, cupboard etc.
  • Ringing a bell also has the same effect.
  • Drumming works with sound the same way.
  • Slamming doors also breaks up negative energy.
  • Smoke cleansing with herb bundles or incense.
  • Sprinkling blessed water or a salt and water mix.
  • Chanting.

I do these short rituals once a week, but personally I prefer to do a more complex ritual at the change of the seasons.

My favourite ritual consists of using the four elements to cleanse each square inch of the home. I gather my ingredients and place them in the room we use the most. I open the windows so the stagnant energy can leave my house. I have a new white cleansed and consecrated candle, blessed water, blessed salt, and incense. (I really love dragon’s blood but you can use whichever cleansing incense you like). Make sure you have windows open for the energy to leave the space. It may be helpful to visualize the energy leaving your space being neutralized by the atmosphere to be transformed into appropriate energy wherever it ends up.

Beginning with Air, I use the incense smoke to cleanse the house. Visualize unwanted energy leaving your space through an open window. I say something along the lines of “by the element of air I cleanse this space.”

I move counterclockwise around the house ending up where I started. I leave the incense and take up the salt and sprinkle it all around moving again in a counterclockwise direction. This time instead of air, I say earth.

Do the same with the water and finally the candle using the words water and fire respectively. Once you’ve finished let the candle burn itself out. (Of course if you don’t have time to keep an eye on it, you can snuff it out).

Now your home is cleansed. Leave the windows open for a little bit and sit with a glass of water and feel the new positive energy that is in your home.

Happy cleansing!

Many blessings

Lady Black


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