Protection Wards For the Home


Last week we went through the ways to spiritually cleanse your home. Once you have cleared out old and stagnant energy and invited new positive energy into the space, you want to keep it that way for as long as possible. This is where the protection rituals come in.

Some people like to put wards around the home. These can consist of physical wards such as stones, statuary, garlic braids, sweet grass braids, sachets, the placement of brooms and the like.

Other wards can be symbolic. These would include drawing pentacles in the air in front of windows and doors, in pots and pans. Others can be words chanted over and over around the home for protection. Songs and dance, drumming can all be done for protection. A smoke cleansing with a protection incense is also good, as is diffusing protection oils in each room of the house.

You can combine methods as well. Start with the energetic ones (incense, symbols etc.) and finish with the material (herb bundles, stones etc.)

Repeating this process each time you do a cleansing will solidify your efforts. It also help stretch out the time in between cleansing sessions so you don’t have to do them so often.

Just keep in mind that just as wards keep energy out they also keep energy in. It is a good idea every few months to recharge your wards and during this process let other energy out of your home. If you feel a build up of inappropriate energy no matter how many cleansing rituals you perform, that is an indication that the wards are keeping unwanted energy in the house from being released. When this happens simply disempower your ward, cleanse your space and then re-do the ward.

Are there wards you put around your home that you’d like to share with us? Leave your suggestions in the comments section!

May your home always be safe and protected

Many Blessings,

Lady Black

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