Homemade Cleaning Products Pt. 4 (Bonus Cough Syrup Recipe)

This is the last in the 4 part series of homemade cleaning products. Please feel free to post comments, questions and of course you own recipes!

These last recipes are all about cleaning the air. When someone in the house is sick, it seems no matter how careful we are it tends to spread to each family member. However, by disinfecting surfaces regularly especially when someone is sick, can help stop the illness from spreading.

These are essential oils that are said sanitize the air. You will need a glass spray bottle. (Health food stores have these in the area where they sell the essential oils but you can also find them pretty cheap online.)

The amount of essential oils you will need depends on the size of the spray bottle. In my 50ml bottle I add up to 15 drops of essential oil.

These blends are ones that I have put together specifically as they clean the air, but also because their scents go well together.

(Side note, you can also mix any essential oils together to make room sprays using this same method. They won’t disinfect but they will make your room smell lovely).

Citrus Blend

10-12 drops each of lemon, sweet orange, tangerine

Breath of Fresh Air Blend

10-12 drops each of peppermint or wintergreen, balsam fir needle or pine and eucalyptus

Clear Headed Blend

This blend is especially helpful for what people call “medicine head”. This is where you feel groggy because you’re so doped up on cold medicine, and you feel like your head is either very heavy or floating up above you.

10-12 drops each of rosemary, thyme, sage (Salvia officinalis). You could also substitute for eucalyptus, oregano, ginger

Chest Cold Air Sanitizer

10-12 drops each eucalyptus, white camphor, wintergreen or peppermint

Always seek medical advice when you’re ill. Especially before using any alternative healing methods.

Bonus Cough Syrup Recipe

I had a cold with a terrible cough that lasted longer than 2 weeks. This is when Doctors suggest you should visit your GP in case you need antibiotics or other treatment. I had to go to a walk in clinic and the Doctor there gave me a recipe for an all natural cough syrup that worked really well for me. (Along with antibiotics because I had a chest infection). This is my family’s go-to cough syrup.

Photo by Lady Black

You can make a small batch, but I recommend making a large one as it is more convenient when you are sick. Who wants to have to keep making medicine every few hours when they are sick? Also if you have more than one family member who has the cough. I have no idea if this is safe for children because the Doctor didn’t mention it. Also by de-caf coffee.

Single Serving:

Mix 1 teaspoon of instant coffee in 1-2 tablespoons of warm water and swallow and then follow this with one tablespoon honey. Repeat three times daily until cough is resolved.

Big batch:

Mix 1.5 cups of honey with 5 tablespoons of instant coffee. Mix 1 tablespoon of the paste with warm water three times daily. Repeat until the cough is resolved.

May you all be blessed with good health!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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