The “Freeze Spell” to Banish

This is a great way to be rid of negative things in your life and it is so simple. No special or fancy ingredients, just paper, water and a freezer bag.

This spell works by literally freezing an item thereby freezing the energy attached to the issue. This is a form of sympathetic magic.

Take your time to write out exactly what you want to banish from your life. Wording as we know is extremely important for the success of our spells. If you wish to be rid of an addiction, name the addiction specifically. Sometimes it could be a situation that keeps arising in your life, describe it in detail to pinpoint exactly what you want to be rid of. I like to use small note paper for this spell. If you are using regular sized paper, be sure to fold it before the next step so it fits easily into the bag. This keeps the spell moving gracefully. You can even fold the paper a certain number of times based on numerical correspondences.

Memorize exactly what your paper reads.

Next you want to fill the freezer bag with water and hold it upright with one hand so it doesn’t spill. I do this by placing a large bowl of water on the altar and then dunk the bag in to fill it.

Say the spell you have memorized and slip the paper into the bag. Visualize this issue leaving your life. See your life the way it is without this issue affecting it. (Be sure to leave some room in the bag since the water will expand as it freezes).

Zip up the bag and take it to the freezer. As you place it in the freezer, visualize the issue being frozen and thus rendered powerless. Again visualize your life without the issue. Finish the spell in your usual way such as: “With harm to none, so mote it be”

Once the bag has frozen solid you can move it to the back of your freezer and leave it there for 3 months. After 3 months you may discard the bag and paper. I like to burn or bury the paper as long as it doesn’t have dye.

To be a little more environmentally friendly, use You can wash out this freezer bag and put it aside for the next time you need to do this spell. Use masking tape to label the bag that this is what it is for.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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