Arranging Crystals Around the Home

We bring crystals into the home for many reasons. Typically it’s because they have a specific energy we want to bring in to our space. But instead of just placing them wherever they will fit, it’s nice to arrange them so they can bring beauty into the space as well as magick.

Photo by: Lady Black

Crystals can double as art work if placed in an aesthetically pleasing way. Large crystals and geodes are fabulous. They can be expensive and hard to find. If you are fortunate enough to have geodes, you can really make them a focal point of the table or shelf and orient smaller stones around the large ones. I have some as book ends and others are hollowed out for candles. I have acquired some of these at estate sales, yard sales, second-hand stores and craft shows, you just never know when a stone will find you.

Other crystals you will just never see in large forms. This is where a little creativity comes in. Can you find a few small stones instead of one large one? If you can, why not place a bowl of many small stones. You can use a clear bowl for simplicity or a coloured bowl that reflects the energy. Gemstone chips can be placed in small glass vials and jars.

Photo by Lady Black

You can also place stones in flower pots and in window sills. I keep moss agates in all of my houseplant pots to encourage growth and thus bringing beauty into me space. You can choose stones whose energy complements those of the plants you are putting them with.

Here are some pics of what I have done in my space, hopefully it will inspire you to look around your space with new eyes. Send me pics of your arrangements and I will post them here.

Many blessings,

Lady Black


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