Dying Eggs for Ostara Naturally

Dying eggs has been a long tradition shared by many. I remember growing up and dying eggs for Easter. They always looked terrible! Way too bright and fake looking. The dye would seep into the egg as well so when it came time to eat them they couldn’t look more unappealing.

There are better ways to dye eggs than using traditional food dye. Certain foods contain pigment that can naturally dye your eggs a beautiful hue. The most popular that comes to mind are beets. Beets have such a bold colour they are perfect for dying eggs. I am sharing a link to Martha Stewart’s website because this is the best method I have come across to use food to dye eggs. Check it out here

If you have other ways to naturally dye eggs please share!

Another thing we witches can add to our eggs are symbols and runes. I have used natural paints to do this and since you won’t be eating the shell it seems okay to me to decorate the shell. I leave this up to your own discretion. There is always a potential for harm when using non-edible substances on things you intend to eat, even if it is just on the shell. Of course you can decorate eggs for the altar and for offerings that you won’t be eating yourself and then you can go nuts with the decorating. Just keep them away from animals!

One last thing I have done in the past is to actually remove the raw egg from the shell, leaving the shell intact and thus decorating it however you want and you can keep it for years and years. Wrap them up in paper and put them in a container to store. Here are the instructions for getting the egg out of the shell. I recommend you have lots of eggs on hand as you practice as you will break some! See it here

If you have a very delicate touch you can also add fabric to the eggs too. Mod Podge works well. Only on eggs you won’t be eating!

I would love to see pics of your eggs. Send them to me and I will post them here.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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