Friday – The Magickal Art of Bathing Pt. 6

Sunday we discussed in detail how to create your own magickal bath. If you haven’t read it yet, read here to get you started before you plan for a Friday Magickal Bath.

A  Magickal Bath on a Friday brings love into your life. This can be any form of love, not just romantic love. You can bring in new friendships and self-love. Loving ourselves just as we are can be difficult but oh so rewarding. When we love ourselves it is easier to see the beauty in others and love them.

Sometimes our relationships need an extra loving boost. Financial crises, death of a family member, and many other circumstances cause stress in a relationship. You can use a magickal assist to re-establish the love that may have been stifled due to circumstances.

If you’re trying to draw new love into your life don’t focus on one specific person. Focus on your heart and mind opening up to make room for love and your ideal mate.

You could use one of the essential oils as a perfume, or a blend that appeals to you. Remember to use carrier oil. You could also carry one of the stones in your pocket to keep you open to love.

Colours are green, emerald green, pink, deep pink, red, rose and white. (For self-love I have had great success with white and pink.)

Stones include green or red agate, amber, amethyst, beryl, bloodstone, calcite, pink calcite, coral, diamond, pink diamond, jade, garnet, lapis lazuli, moonstone and topaz.

Herbs and plants are acacia flowers, almond, aloe, aniseed, apple, aster, basil, benzoin, betony, birch, burdock, caraway seed, cardamom, clove, dill, dragon’s blood, elder, elderberry, frankincense, gardenia, geranium, ginger, Arabic gum, hawthorn, heliotrope, hemp, hollyhock, jasmine, lemon, licorice, lilac, lotus, marjoram, mistletoe, mugwort, lovage, orange, orchid, orris root, patchouli, peppermint, plum, pomegranate, poppy, primrose, quince, raspberry, rose, rose geranium, rose hips, rosemary, saffron, sandalwood, strawberry, sweet pea, thyme, tonka bean, trillium, tuberose, tulip, vanilla, violet, woodruff, yarrow, ylang-ylang. So many to choose from! Find a blend that makes you feel love in your heart when you smell it.

The number correspondences for love are 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

The main element to work with is water but earth is also helpful if you are strengthening the love you already have. Using both elements for self-love is appropriate as well.

If you are performing this bath for romantic love, you will want to create a romantic ambience, so light many candles and include a fragrance you feel is romantic. You can tint the bath water pink and throw in some rose petals.

To attract your ideal mate the words you can use in the ritual can be something like:

With an open mind

And an open heart

I give love

a brand new start.

Let love find me

And bring my ideal mate

Let us find each other

as is our fate.

May you be blessed with love.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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