New Moon Activities

Greetings Everyone,

A few activities to do today while celebrating the new moon and welcoming the new cycle:

This is a great time to cleanse and recharge crystals that you have placed around your home along with any wards or charms.

Perform spells to bring happiness and harmony into your home and your life.

It is the right time to begin spells that you will repeat over the waxing phase, gaining strength as the moon grows larger.

I recommend smoke cleansing your home once a week, but if you only have the time or desire for a monthly cleansing, the new moon is a great time to do smoke cleansing or invite fresh energy into your home by burning sweetgrass or palo santo.

Drink a cup of green tea on the new moon to bring prosperity into your life.

This is always a great time to start new projects.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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