Healing Sick Plants

When our Plants Fall Ill

It happens to the best of us, a plant that once thrived is now verging on the edge of death. Sometimes we don’t even know what happened. But most often you can figure out why a plant is no longer well. Research your plant to see what environmental issues surround it. Did it get too much sun? Not enough? Too much water? Was it too cold? Too hot? Are there pests on it or in the soil?

In the example for this post, my spider plant was damaged during our move a few months ago. This spider plant was the lushest plant I had ever seen. It was full, vibrant and had over 20 spiderlets. This was one very fertile plant. This plant had grown from a spirderlet of a friend’s plant.

Photo by Lady Black

In the chaos of unpacking, cleaning and getting the house set up my plant did not receive the healing work right away. If there is still some green on the plant, I would try to be revive it.

Our indoor plants are like children. They are wholly dependent on us for their survival. Always research exactly what environment your plants require to thrive. Many of our house plants are “exotic”. Misting plants in the winter when it’s dry contributes to the plants health. Bright spaces for cacti are a necessity and minimal humidity is needed etc.

Back to my sick plant. Many of the leaves were broken when something fell onto the plant. (We thought we were being so careful transporting the plant  but accidents happen).

I know for many people the first reaction is to give it fertilizer and tons of water to help it come back, but this can make the plant worse or even kill it.

The first thing I did was add to the pot a few cleansed and charged moss agates; which are very good for healing sick plants and making all plants thrive. It is also good to wear or carry a moss agate while gardening or tending to plants. I keep at least one moss agate in each potted plant.

Then I trimmed off the broken leaves. I checked the moisture levels in the soil, which were good. However over an eight week period it did not drink any water. The moisture level stayed the same. I only began watering it again when I noticed the soil getting dry and then only a little water at a time.

Since I live in a cold climate the humidity in the house in the winter is so low, I must mist my plants with warm water each week. I made sure to do this for the spider plant without fail. Not only does it give them moisture but misting also keeps the dust off the plants. Plants do not like to be dusty.

I began energy work with the plant. First I meditated with it to let the plant tell me what it needed. This is an amazing process and help hone your technique of communing with the earth and all of it creatures. You should do this periodically with your healthy plants too. Get to know them. Get a good feel for the energy they give off when they are healthy so if you do have to do healing work you have an idea of what it will take to get them back to normal. It’s great to study your plants too. Get a good clear picture in your head of what they look like healthy so you can use this as a visualization should you need to.

Over the weeks I had to keep trimming off leaves that were browning. This allows the plant to focus on new leaves instead of continuing to send energy to dying leaves. I had to move it around the house to find the optimal light. It finally started drinking again, and as soon as I saw new shoots coming up I knew then that I could add a little black tea into the soil to promote growth.

All the while I have been doing energy work with the plant. This is straightforward. Sit on the floor before the plant, ground and center. Place your hands on the sides of the pot. Allow positive, healing energy flow from the earth and yourself and into the soil reaching the roots of the plant. Visualize the plant healthy and thriving. See very clearly a sphere of green healing energy surrounding the entire plant. You’ll instinctively know when the session is over. (If you’re new to the craft you may need to work on this, but it will come.) Talk to the plant after. Tell it you love it (because you do). Think of all the happiness it gives you when you look it at. Think of its beauty and how it has enriched your life by the life it brings into your home. Do this every few days unless the plant tells you different. Sometimes they only need weekly sessions or they ask for daily sessions. The plant will tell you.

Cleanse and recharge the moss agates every month. The new moon is best but any time during the waxing phase is fine.

You may also like to bless the water you use for the plant. This is another great way to add healing and life. Tap water usually has chlorine. Plants do not like chlorine. If you have chlorine in your water, fill your watering can and let it sit a few days. This helps the chlorine to dissipate.

A side note: this may sound silly, but when I am doing the energy work I put on spa music that has sounds from nature. I feel this ads a nice, peaceful ambience for the plant.

Healing plants takes time and patience. My plant has so far returned to about ¼ of its original glory over the last 12 weeks or so.

dscn0608 dscn0609





(after 12 weeks of care)                              (sick plant thinning out)

Sometimes plants just don’t make it. It happens, but try your best before declaring it dead!

Get yourself a good book on houseplants to teach you how to take care of the plants you buy and give them the best life possible. One of my favorite books for beginners is “37 Houseplants Even You Can’t Kill” By: Mary Kate Hogan

May your plants be blessed with health and vitality!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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