Finding Lost Objects Spell

We have all been there, (some of us more than others). You’ve lost an object and you’re searching every drawer and cupboard frantically and you’re getting more frustrated by the minute. I misplace things frequently and while I am trying to get better at putting things away properly when I’m done with them, no one is perfect.

The solution is to light a brown candle to help aid in your search. I use this often. This spell is very effective, just don’t misplace the brown candle!

Say the spell over the candle as you light it. You can say this or something like it:

Candle of Brown

Please help me find

Lost object

And restore my peace of mind.

If you use the same brown candle every time it will build up that type of energy.

I actually just used this little spell to find my camera cord for the pic in this article ha ha!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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