Sowing Seeds and Updating Your Garden Smash Book

Photo by Lady Black

Just before Beltane I talked about when to sow seeds based on moon signs and moon phase etc. To view that post you can check it out here. For those of you who are making a garden Smash book with me and those of you who are just keeping detailed garden notes I thought I would share a new entry you can do.

Once I planted the seeds, I cut out the front of the seed packet and glued it into my smash book. This allows me to see what brand I bought so next year I will know to either buy it again or try something new. I also wrote out the instructions from the back of the packet. However, you could also glue the back of the packet in your book as well. I justĀ  like writing things out. I used a coloured marker that matched what the seed is. So for example carrots were written out in an orange marker.

Below I am keeping track of when I planted, the temperature of the green house at the time of planting (you can do outdoor temp if you put them straight into the ground) and the significance of the day (such as “moon in Pisces”). It is okay if you forget to fill in some of the fields, it is more important to record the day you put the seeds in and the significance. You can always look up later what the weather was the day you put them in.

Check on your seeds everyday and keep them moist!

There is something so wonderful about planting a seed and watching it grow.

Photo by Lady Black

Happy planting!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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