When Beltane Gives You Rain…

… you make blessed water

DSCN0979   DSCN0988

I added to my ritual the blessing of this rain water for spells, rituals and nourishment for my plants. I usually include blessed water in my daily cleaning as well. You can make blessed water any time. You can use tap water and bless it under the full moon, or you can use spring water, rain water, melted snow etc.

Blessing water can be as simple as holding your hands over it and visualizing it being filled with bright white light. You could also say “I bless this water in the name if Spirit so mote it be.” Some Pagans also throw a pinch of salt into the water and swirl it clockwise while doing the blessing. Remember water is sacred and we depend on it to survive so have reverence.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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