Before and After Party House Cleansing

I like to do a blessing prior to any gatherings as well to keep the atmosphere open and fun, and help bring harmony into the house so people can feel at ease. When people are at ease they tend to socialize more which is great especially when people are meeting others for the first time.

The blessing prior to gatherings is as follows:

Light a white pillar candle (prepared in your usual way) and some lemongrass incense. (Lemongrass is known to bring comfort).

You can substitute the incense with any other incense that corresponds with comfort or harmony if you don’t like the smell of lemongrass.

I leave the candle burning in the room where the majority of the gathering will take place.

Waft the incense around in the main room first, this is usually your living room or dining room and say something like the following:

By light of white and smoke of incense

I declare this space as welcoming for guests.

I call forth energy of joy, fun and laughter

Come now and stay hereafter

So mote it be.

Now if you choose, you can move into the kitchen and your entrance and waft the incense in those areas as well. I always find that we tend to linger in the kitchen chatting as I am getting out food and drinks. Also, some people tend to hover in the front entrance for awhile so it’s nice to have the energies of the incense in these areas and the lemongrass will be immediately welcoming to all.

Post gathering cleansing is as follows:

I like to burn a black candle and some frankincense or sandalwood or other cleansing incense. Use the smoke to cleanse the rooms where the gathering has taken place. Don’t forget your entrance. Follow the same pattern as the blessing and say:

My gathering is done

I cleanse this space

With flame and smoke

Negativity I erase.

Party energy now decline

Return this space to what is mine.

So mote it be.

You can also re-arrange these words to cleanse your space after you have had a visit from a difficult person. If you don’t want to use incense smoke, this ritual can be adapted to use water and salt in its place.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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