Homemade Cleaning Products Pt. 3



Homemade Cleaning Products Part 3

These recipes are all non-vinegar cleaning product recipes. If you don’t mind the smell of vinegar there are countless recipes online you can find with a quick Google search.

If you have more non-vinegar homemade cleaning products please share them in the comments section!

(I found these recipes online so long ago I cannot remember where they came from.)

Dish Soap

1 cup liquid Castile soap

3 tbsp. Water

A few drops of essential oil (lemon is nice)

Mix together in a bottle. (I like to use an empty store bought dish soap bottle). Shake well before each use and use as you would any other liquid dish soap.


(This one unfortunately has vinegar, there seems to be no way around it when doing toilets. But it’s not too strong).

½ cup baking soda

10 drops tea tree oil

¼ cup vinegar

The baking soda and vinegar will foam when mixed together. (Remember your elementary school science class). Scrub with a toilet brush as it foams.



2 cups water

3 tablespoons Castile soap

20-30 drops tea tree essential oil

Shake before use.

Always test the area you’re cleaning in an inconspicuous spot before using all over.




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