Gem Elixirs

While this is not a recipe for food, it is a great recipe that will is useful for bringing all types of energy into your life and one that you can use time and time again. I am talking about Gem Elixirs. (Also known as Gem Essences)

Gem elixirs can be used to treat many ailments and are believed to treat the root of the problem not just the symptoms. They also help to remove any blockages in energy flow in the body allowing healing efforts to be more efficient. (As always, please consult a doctor/physician before treating any diseases or illnesses and let them know what alternative healing methods you intend to employ). Gem Elixirs also help you to bring certain energies into your life.

The gems used in making the elixirs must be washed in hot soapy water, cleansed and charged prior to use. The liquid absorbs the gem’s energy infusing it into the water so this is the most important step.  I will outline the basic ritual here. (Please be sure to scroll to the end of this post to see the list of stones that should NOT be used for elixirs you intend to ingest!!)

The most simple way of cleansing a stone to suit our purposes here, is to physically clean the stone (do a good job especially if you will be ingesting the liquid). Get out the dish soap and give them a good scrub. (Please note you cannot get stones that contain any metal such as copper or lead wet as they can be toxic, this information will be available at the end if this post.)

Once the stone is clean hold it under running water (termination point down should it have one), and visualize the water removing any negative energy. You may wish to state this intent out loud as the water runs.

When you feel it is cleansed then you may dry it and set it on a clean towel. If you’re new to the craft and are still learning how to sense energy, I suggest leaving it under the water for at least 1 minute and use this opportunity to experiment with sensing energy.

To charge the stone hold it in your power hand (usually your dominant hand), and visualize white light along with your intent flowing into the stone. When you feel the energy is right (often felt as a pulse in the stone and the stone warming up), place it back on the clean towel.

Photo by Lady Black

Here is an example for a lunar elixir I made with amethyst to promote spirituality:

For this recipe you will need a piece of amethyst. We are using amethyst in this elixir as it has long been purported to have strong psychic and spiritual energy.

You will also need a preservative.  I prefer to use apple cider vinegar since I don’t consume alcohol, however brandy is most commonly used. (Many medications have adverse side effects when mixed with alcohol. Please check with your doctor or qualified pharmacist before using alcohol.) Keep in mind you will only be using a few drops at a time.

Lunar gem elixirs are best made during the new or full moon. For Solar energy you may use the sunrise, midday or setting sun depending on the intent. I am using the full moon  energy as it is connected with psychism and spirituality.

This particular elixir will be made at night to absorb lunar energy. The old recipes called for the gem to be left all night but not touch the light of the sun. ( The other way around, if it’s to absorb the solar rays, you must leave it from sunrise to sunset and not let the rays of the moon touch it.) This is very difficult for me to follow. Not to mention, those in apartments rarely have the sunlight/moonlight hitting their properties for the whole day/night. Instead I choose the number of hours based on its magical correspondence.  For this elixir, the number 5 has been chosen for spirituality.

You will need spring water. At the very least you should use distilled water, the purer the water the better. You will need a jar to hold the gem while it absorbs the moon’s rays, but you will also need a bottle or jar for your finished product. The second bottle will need to be twice the size of the amount of water your using to make room for the preservative and it will hold your final product.

Photo by Lady Black

You will also need a sterilized jar with a sterilized lid.  To sterilize the jar and lid place it in boiling water for a full 15 minutes. Please be careful around boiling water and use long tongs to add and take out the jars and lids. Do not use jars made of plastic or those that contain droppers since they can’t be sterilized.


Fill the sterilized jar with the spring water and put in the cleansed stone. Close the lid tightly and leave out in the moonlight. If you’re up to doing the whole night, then you need to look up the local sunrise time for your area. If not, place it in the moonlight for 5 hours. Focus on these energies as you place it outside. Close the lid tightly and leave out in the moonlight.

Photo by Lady Black

Once your elixir has absorbed the moon’s rays, you need to store it in a dark glass, sterilized bottle with a tight fitting sterilized lid. Always store in a cool, dry, dark place.  Remember to label the bottle with the purpose and recipe, including the gem used and the date. This allows you to easily make the recipe again when needed, and to know when it’s time to discard it. If you’re like me and have many elixirs in the cupboard, you need to be able to see clearly what each one is for. I also write very clearly if it cannot be ingested.

Photo by Lady Black

Fill the bottle with equal parts gem water and brandy or apple cider vinegar.

At this point, you can determine how many times you will take the elixir. Usually a drop or two is placed under the tongue. All you need is a drop or two. Many people find divination helpful to determine dosage, but for this recipe I use one drop a day 3 times a day for as long as necessary.

Before each use shake the bottle for a minute or two to reactivate the energy while visualizing your goal.

There are other ways to use the elixirs as well. Adding 25 drops to bath water, a few drops into body lotion or massage oil, floor washing water, candle anointing oils etc. anything that makes sense for your purpose.

You could add to mop water to clean the room where you will be doing most of your spiritual practices, or add to ritual bath before you begin a ritual, anoint candles and/or your third eye with a few drops before you do any spiritual work, etc. There are many applications, so use your imagination and find what works for you.

Stones that should be NOT used in elixirs Ever!!!

(This is by no means an exhaustive list. Many stones contain harmful metals like cadmium, mercury, lead and poisons like arsenic. There are other stones that metals and chemicals that I haven’t thought of to list here).

Please research from reputable sources any stone you intend to use in elixirs.  When in doubt, substitute for another stone you know to be safe. Many stones have folk-names so be sure to research all stones to make sure you know exactly what they are. Also, according to Gerina Dunwich, “many blue and green stones – especially those that are brightly colored – contain varying amounts of copper.”)

Do NOT use:

Amazonite (copper)

Atacamite (copper)

Auricalcite (zinc and copper)

Azurite (copper)

Boji-stones (sulfur)

Bronchantite (copper)

Chalcantite (copper)

Chalcopyrite (copper and sulfur)

Cinnabar (mercury)

Conicalcite (copper)

Crysocolla (copper)

Cuprite (copper)

Dioptase (copper)

Gem silica (copper)

Galena/galentite (almost 90% lead)

Hematite (will rust when placed in water. No amount of time is safe)

Lapis lazuli (contains pyrite which contains sulfur)

Magnetite (will rust when placed in water. No amount of time is safe)

Malachite (copper)

Markasite (sulfur)

Mohawkite (copper and arsenic)

Psiomelan (barium)

Pyrite (also known as fool’s gold) (sulfur)

Realgar (sulfur and arsenic)

Stibnite (zinc and copper)

Smithsonite (zinc and copper)

Vandanite (lead)

Wulfenite (lead and molybdenum)

Many blessings,

Lady Black



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