July Full Moon

The full moon in July is known as The Blessing Moon and Buck Moon.

The word “blessing” speaks volumes to me. It means many things to many people. Blessings come in the form of love, life, money, friendship, food, work health and more.

At this full moon recognize all of the blessings in your life and all the wonderful things about yourself. Challenge yourself to list as many as you can think of. I try to list at least 50 things in my life that I have been blessed with.

When we do this activity it forces us to really acknowledge how much we have even if at times it feels as though we have nothing. If you are reading this it means your heart is beating, your brain works, your lungs work, you were born. Think of blessings in disguise and blessings that often get overlooked. Leave no stone unturned.

Make good use of the beautiful produce that is gracing our tables right now. Invite loved ones over for dinner and share your blessings and abundance. Share your abundance with everyone around you. Donate to your local food bank, volunteer, practice random acts of kindness. Spread love out into the world and bless others.

Now that we are about half way through the growing cycle it is also a good time to check on your spiritual seedlings and see how close you are to achieving your goals. Are you on track or do you need to pivot? You need to be prepared for the next stages of the goals you haven’t quite accomplished. Celebrate the ones you have!

Use blue, green and sliver along with moonstones, opals, and pearls in your celebratory rituals. The element of this moon is water.

Photo by Lady Black

Divination and dream work are good things to do this full moon.

Some words you can include in your rituals are:

Now is the time for dreams

divination and sights unseen.

As I sleep on this full moon night

send me prophetic sight.

I will remember the message when I wake

and from it the lesson or guidance I will take.

So mote it be.

Many blessings,

Lady Black


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