June Full Moon


June Full Moon

The full moon that greets us in June is known to many as the Strong Sun Moon.

This moon is aptly named as the sun is at its height and is hot and bright. we are getting the early produce into our kitchens and are tasting the first fruits of our labours. we use the energy of the strong sun moon to give added strength to keep moving ahead with our projects. Celebrate with friends and family as BBQ season kicks off.

This moon is associated with earth as things are growing and blooming, but I also like to attune to fire at this time as well. Do what you feel is appropriate and makes sense for you. You can certainly combine the the two.

Make use of the colours representing the sun such as yellow, orange, and of course gold. Bright yellow and orange agates can give a magickal assist as well as decorate your altar.

A great way to celebrate this moon is by blessing a piece of the beautiful produce that is in season right now. It can be your favourite, or one that corresponds with earth or solar energies. Give it as an offering to Spirit in thanks of the abundance we are receiving.


You can include words such as these in your ritual:

The sun is strong during these days

and this full moon has equally powerful rays

the moon reflects the strong sun

casting blessings upon everyone.

This full moon gives us strength

telling us to celebrate

the earth’s bounty with family and friends

knowing Spirit’s love has no end.



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