Spell Worksheet for Beginners

If you are new to writing your own spells this worksheet will help. Keep in mind this is a general guideline. Your spells and rituals can be a complicated or as simple as you wish and will vary depending on the tradition you follow. You may not fill out all of the fields. Not everyone calculates their spells right down to the planetary hour, but you should have at least the general moon phase.

Purpose of spell _______________________________________

Moon Phase __________________________________________

Day of the Week _______________________________________

Planetary hour ________________________________________

Day or Night __________________________________________

Colour correspondences_________________________________

Incense correspondences ________________________________

Herb correspondences __________________________________

Numerical correspondences ______________________________

Elemental correspondences ______________________________

Stone correspondences _________________________________

Tools needed (crystals, candles, incense, etc.



Sacred space (will you work within a circle, outside etc.)


Written words: Do you wish to invoke the elements or deity? What is your precise statement of intent?





How will you end the spell? Words of thanks? Releasing of the elements or a farewell to deity? Releasing the circle if you cast one?

Write your spell out from beginning to end. Leave nothing out. For example “light the candles and then say…” Once you’ve written it out, go over it from start to finish. Does it flow? How does it make you feel? Do you feel it is complete? Do you feel it is over the top? Does it specifically address your need? Are your words clear about your goal? Once it has been tweaked you are ready to gather your tools. Make sure you have everything. Matches, candle snuffer, incense holder, candle holders. It’s easy to forget things like matches. Once you’ve gathered your tools, go through the spell one more time to be sure you’ve remembered everything and that the spell is just right to you. This also helps you memorize it somewhat so you don’t get flustered or confused when it comes time to do it. From experience it is nice to have the whole spell memorized but there is absolutely nothing wrong with reading from paper. As long as your visualization is clear, your statement of intent is precise, and you feel the power behind the words as you say them you’ll be okay.

Do your spell! After the spell has been cast, give it a full lunar cycle before expecting full results. In the meantime do all you can to achieve success. The most popular example would be a spell cast for a new job. After the spell is over, send out your resume, let friends know you’re job hunting, ask for previous employers for recommendations. A spell alone will not get you a new job. You must tell people that you are available and open to receiving a new job.

Good luck to you on your spellcraft journey. Remember that it is indeed a journey full of successes as well as the odd set back.



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