Getting a Better Sleep Part 2

Sleep Series Part 2 of 3

Magickal assists to getting a good night’s sleep


Magickal assists for a good night’s sleep

There are a few really effective magickal things you can do for a good night’s sleep.

  • Amethyst placed beneath the pillow or worn to bed drives off insomnia and nightmares. I like to keep a large amethyst crystal on my bedside table. Be sure to ritually cleanse and charge your crystals on a regular basis.
  • You can also wear blue stones to bed to halt nightmares and ensure a good night’s sleep
  • You can create a bedtime ritual that tells your body and mind that you are ready for sleep. I like to have a warm bath with oil herbs for sleep such as lavender, bergamot or chamomile. Once I am out of the tub and into pajamas, I light a cleansed and charged blue candle that has been anointed with bergamot oil. On the candle I have inscribed my focus of peaceful sleep (you can write restful sleep etc.) I will have a cup of chamomile tea while I do some light reading. Around the candle I keep blue agates and other blue stones. If you do the same ritual every night you will begin to associate this ritual with good healthy sleep, and make it easier to fall asleep. A great side effect of this is it helps to remove the negativity, stress and issues of the day making way for peace and tranquility.
  • I keep a dream catcher above my bed at all times. I cleanse and charge it each month. That is a personal choice. Some say you do not have to do this, but just let the dream catcher do its thing. I am of the school of thought that no matter the object, things do pick up negative energy in the course of daily life and thus, ritually cleansing items is a consistent practice to keep objects working at optimum level. This can be as simple as smudging the dream catcher with incense. Since I do this on a weekly basis, about once a month I add to this my dream catcher and all of the crystals I have placed around my home.
  • Chamomile tea is great for sleep as well as calming nerves.
  • The essential oils of lavender, bergamot and chamomile are great for sleep as well. You can diffuse the oil in the room, add some to the bath or just inhale gently from the bottle.
  • A dream pillow made with blue fabric and herbs such as lavender is a great thing to have. Place it under the pillow. You can add chamomile and a blue stone. If there are other herbs that you associate with peace and sleep by all means add those.

Worry dolls are another great thing to employ at night. They are not a sleep aid; however, during times of stress I find they work fantastically to help alleviate worries. Your mornings will be much better without all the worries of the previous day.


There are, I’m sure, many other magickal assists for a good night’s sleep. This will get you started and you can research for more options. Of course, please share your thoughts and ideas as well as what worked for you in the comments section. I would love to hear from you!



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