Wednesday – The Magickal Art of Bathing Pt. 4

The Magickal Art of Bathing Pt. 4

Sunday we discussed in detail how to create your own magickal bath. If you haven’t read it yet, read here to get you started before you plan for a Wednesday Magickal Bath.

Wednesday is the right time to strengthen the intellect. Learning, problem solving, understanding the world around us and applying our knowledge with wisdom are all very important parts of our growth as individuals.

Whether you’re learning something new (and aren’t we always?) or retaining what you have already learned, you can perform a magickal bath to help this process and keep you sharp.

The colours associated with intellect are blue, orange and yellow. Choose the colour that you really connect with since this is all about your mind.

Herbs and plants that can be used are balm of Gilead, lemon and rosemary. Rosemary is really affective for improving focus and retention of information.

Tiger’s eye and topaz are the perfect stones to work with. You can have a cleansed and charged pendant to wear whenever you are learning, reading or observing.

The number 6 is associated also with the intellect. I like to use 6 ingredients in this bath. You can have a mix of candles, herbs, stones that all add up to six. Or you can repeat your incantation 6 times. These are just suggestions get creative! Do what speaks to you.

For this bath, instead of burning incense I like to diffuse essential oils. Incense sometimes makes me feel a little hazy, but a fresh burst of lemon essential oil in the air snaps me to attention. You can get diffusers for essential oils at health food stores. Just be sure to only use pure essential oils.

Your incantation can go something like this:

Focused are my thoughts

Strong is my mind

Knowledge and wisdom

Now entwine.

My mind is focused

Sharp and strong

As it will be always

And has been all along.





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