Ritual to Remove Destructive Behaviour

Daily Candle Ritual to Remove Destructive Behaviour

We all have vices. We all do things we know are not healthy for us spiritually, mentally and physically. To rid ourselves of these behaviours we need to work at it every day. It takes time, patience and self love to better ourselves and be healthy. Be gentle with yourself when dealing with your vices. We all have enough negative self talk, which more often than not is what led us to developing these issues in the first place.

Select a brand new candle that you will use every day for this ritual. You can use white for purity or black for banishing. Purple is good for addiction.

Begin this ritual the day after the full moon and continue for as long as needed until you are clear of the unwanted behaviour. If you are suffering from an addiction, please seek professional help and tell your family and friends what you are dealing with. This ritual should be used in conjunction with professional treatment.

You have a few options for the ritual itself. If you like raising energy through chanting you can write a chant that you can perform. If you prefer prayer and enlisting your deity by all means write a prayer that reflects your path. Another approach is a basic spell formula where you state problem, your intention to banish it and then release the energy you’ve raised. I like to do a prayer every morning during this ritual. The purpose is to perform this ritual every day either morning or evening depending on your schedule. You can also repeat this a few times during the day and/or whenever you feel your will power is waning, or you’re having a tough moment.

Cleanse and bless your candle and place it on your altar or other sacred work space.

Simply light the candle. Visualize your habit or behaviour leaving your life. See yourself free from it. See yourself happy and healthy. Chant, pray or say your spell. Let the candle burn for a little while, while continuing the visualization you started with. When you’re ready, snuff out the candle and go on with your day, knowing the energy you’ve raised will help you with your goal.

A nice addition for this ritual is to have a pendant, stone or other talisman also charged for this purpose. Pass it though the flame of the candle and then wear it, put it in your pocket, whichever you choose. When you need a boost and can’t get to your candle you can touch the stone or rub it and feel the power of the spell fill you with white light.

Another little touch I like to add to my candle is a piece of rose quartz that I attach to the candle itself that is charged for self love. This is to help me be kind to myself through the difficult process of overcoming my destructive behaviour.

If you are having trouble writing a chant or prayer feel free to email me and I am more than happy to help you out.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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