Post-Cleansing Protection Charm Using Stones

Once we have done cleansing rituals, especially those we perform on ourselves, we must then protect ourselves from new assaults. Cleansing rituals leave us a little vulnerable to negative energy so shielding is perfect as a follow up ritual.

We have been talking a lot about ridding ourselves of negative emotions and I have done a few rituals to rid ease the emotional storms that come with my mental health issues. Once I have purged the negative emotions I cleanse and charge an amethyst pendant for protection against new negative emotions as well as using it as a touch-stone to quell emotional storms.The one I chose is not about aesthetics, but rather it feels soothing in my hand and is easy to wear. Some jewelry has knots and sharp edges that can get caught on things making it more annoying than soothing.

Amuletic jewelry is a great way to achieve magickal goals. If you don’t want to wear a necklace or a ring etc. you can keep the stone in your pocket and pull it out as needed. Simply hold the stone and rub your finger along it while visualizing the energy of the stone protecting you. Amethyst is also really great for over-coming alcohol addiction, so if you’re working on that this is the right stone for you.

You can find all kinds of information about various stones and their properties all over the Internet and their are countless books on the subject. A great starting book is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This book gives details about the stones and is accompanied by beautiful pictures of each stone, with an easy to read layout.

I also recommend whenever you are out and about, if a stone calls out to you, do what you can to purchase it. There is always a reason.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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