Cooking Circle – Setting the Magickal Mood

When you are planning a magickal dinner, the ambiance is just as important as the food itself.

Candles are a given. Choose a colour that corresponds with the magickal intent. You can also choose how many to light through numerical correspondences as well.

Fresh cut flowers are a nice addition to the dining space. Again you can choose flowers of the appropriate colour, or the magickal properties of the flower itself. Remember elementary school science class? If you can’t find a flower in the colour you want, you can buy white carnations and add food dye to the water. The carnations will then soak up the dye and you will see it in the flower. Do this ahead of time because it can take a day or two to get really good colour. Dried flowers work great too if you can’t get fresh ones.

I usually do not include fragrance in the dining space as it can interact poorly with the flavours in the food. The scent of the food is a large part of our taste experience. However, if you’d really like to add fragrance I would suggest simmering a little bit of pure essential oil. Try to pick one that corresponds with the intent but isn’t too strong smelling.

Tablecloths can add a nice soft touch to the dining space. Stay away from patterns and choose the appropriate colour for your magickal intent. Same goes for napkins. I always prefer cloth napkins but I don’t always have them in the colour I want. White can be substituted for any colour and aesthetically it goes with any colour. However, if you really want a napkin in a certain colour, dollar store party supply aisles have napkins in a wide variety of colours.

You can place crystals or stones around the room and on the table itself. Cleanse and charge them first.

You could also do a center piece that includes flowers, candles, crystals and stones along with other herbs.

If you like to have different coloured plates you can choose the appropriate colour. If you have to choose one colour for your tableware, pure white plates are a great choice since white can be used for any purpose. If you are dining alone you only need to buy one. Try second hand stores. You can often find a few pure white plates. Not only does the white go with the intention of what you’re cooking it also symbolizes purity. Plus, food looks great on pure white plates. You could also use a serving dish that is either in the colour you want.

Try serving beverages in fancy glasses or wine glasses. Even if you’re serving water, put it in a beautiful glass. Fruit juices look lovely in wine glasses. Not only does it bring a touch of elegance to your table, it is symbolic of our chalice that we use in ritual. They’re symbolic of the element of water and Goddess. Add fresh fruits or herbs as garnishes, and an added touch of the energy you need.

Open a window. Let the fresh air refresh your spirit allowing you to put forth more energy into your magickal intentions.

Last but certainly not least is music. I love spa music with nature sounds in the background but you can choose whatever kind of music tunes you in and helps you connect with your magickal intentions. Try not to pick music that is too stimulating or you may end up connecting with the music only and find it is harder to focus on your magickal goals.

Whether you’re dining alone or working with others for a magickal intent, each element of setting the mood can add an extra punch to your spellwork and celebrations.

Do you have any more tips for setting a magickal ambiance? Share them in the comments.

Many blessings,

Lady Black


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