Personal Cleansing with Rain

April showers bring May flowers! They can also cleanse our spirit and open us up to new positive things.

This is so simple. On a rainy day, just go outside sans umbrella and allow the rain to wash over you. Visualize the element of water cleansing your spirit as it runs down your skin. Express your gratitude for water either with words spoken aloud or feelings emitted through your heart and mind.

To connect with nature on an even better level, you can do this near trees. Listen to the sound the rain makes as it trickles down the leaves and twigs. If you don’t have trees on your property go to your nearest park and revel in the cleansing properties of rain. You may look like a psycho trudging through the park without an umbrella, but as witches we know we are often a little unconventional.

Don’t forget to collect rain water for spells!

Photo by Lady Black

Enjoy rainy days and life sustaining water.

Many Blessings,

Lady Black

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