Cooking Circle – Spring Clean Your Kitchen

I am feeling a little uninspired right now. This is such a hard time of year for me. Produce is terrible early spring. We are only just beginning to see a hint at freshly grown produce but we are still mainly seeing what is left in the cold storage from the last dregs of winter. I get tired of potatoes, squash and carrots, but that is what is mainly on the grocery shelf. (Having depression doesn’t help either.)

So I thought I would talk about spring cleaning your kitchen. This is a good time of year to go through every inch of your kitchen and prepare for those first few weeks of fresh food that is (I swear) on its way.

This year for me is especially good because it is time to paint! (You may be thinking “what? Who likes painting?” I do!). The best thing about painting your kitchen is you get to choose the colours that will bring in all the different energies you want to have in your space. It can become a bright, cheery place that makes you want to get in there, get creative and cook something.

Back to the spring cleaning. First I like to take one section of cupboards, empty them and scrub them out. As the cupboards are drying, take a look at what you just pulled out. Are the contents things you use often? Are there items you never use, or forgot you even had? If you’re short on kitchen space (as many of us are) you need to decide what is important to have and what you don’t need. Make a pile for keep, repair, donation and toss.

Now take a look at what is in the “keep” pile. Does it make sense to put those items back in that cupboard, or is it more convenient to move them somewhere else? Think about how you move around in your space while you cook. Organize it in such a way that everything you need is exactly where you expect it to be. If you are rifling through cupboards and drawers constantly trying to find things, then that system is not working.

Repeat this process with all of your cupboards and drawers. Before you put items back, take a look and see if they need to be washed. Items that are seldom used can get dusty. You just washed out your cupboards (a big job!), don’t put dirty dishes back.

Next, move all of your counter top items (toaster, coffee maker etc.) do a good scrub and clean all the items before you put them back. This is another opportunity to reorganize and put things where they make the most sense.

The last thing I do is clean out all of my dried herbs and spices. I replace all of my dried spices each fall as we tend to use dried herbs more through the winter. I wash the jars out every fall so in the spring all I need to do is refill them. However, if the jar is almost empty, I will empty it and wash it out before refilling it. That is a personal choice. Make a list of anything you need to restock for spring/summer.

Next I go through my pantry. I check the dates on all my canned goods etc. I rotate older food items so they get used up first, and I take stock of what I have and what I need to buy. I have a very good idea of all the pantry staples I use everyday so I make a list of what I am low on. Then I can restock as things go on sale.

Now you have a clean and organized space for all of your cooking needs, both mundane and magickal!

You can also add potted culinary herbs on the windowsill or put up a bright painting of fruit or flowers. Make your space as cheery as possible so you can pour love and light into every meal you prepare.

Do a space cleansing and follow up with a blessing for your kitchen. You can put out protection charms (such as garlic on the counter to absorb negative energy; just never eat it!) and the like.

You don’t need to have this all done in one day. Spread it out over as many days/weeks as you need.

At the end of the day, treat yourself with your favourite treat or beverage and take a look around. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Happy spring!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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