Homemade Yule Decorations

With Yule just around the corner I wanted to share a Yule tree decoration I made this year.

I gathered some twigs from the forest floor on my property. I found some really beautiful silver glittered ribbon and star anise. You do need a hot glue gun for this craft.

Decide based on the size of your tree how big the decorations should be. Mine are about 5-6” long. Then break the twigs to the right size. I left some just a tad longer and some a little shorter to make them interesting and natural. I wound the silver ribbon around the twigs and tied a knot. I trimmed the excess ribbon and glued the ends down so they don’t stick out.

Photo by Lady Black

(Note: the shimmering ribbon in the background of this picture is what I wrap my Yule tree with and not part of this craft project.)

Once the glue set, I moved on to the star anise. I chose ones that were in perfect or almost perfect shape. Choose a place to glue the anise above the ribbon that allows the anise to make good contact with the twigs and then glue it on. Hold in place until glue has set.

Next wrap beading wire around the twigs and twist it around so it stay in place and holds up your ornament. If you are having trouble keeping the beading wire in place, use a little hot glue on the back of the ornament. Alternatively, you can glue on store-bought ornament hooks.

These make cute gifts as well. I suggest giving a set of 4. You can find really nice boxes with winter themes at the dollar store and wrap them up in white tissue paper.

Happy crafting!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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