February Full Moon

The full moon in February is known by many as The Quickening Moon and Snow Moon. Just like Imbolc, this full moon is a celebration to mark the coming of spring. The days are getting a little longer now so we focus on beginnings. Now is the time to begin planting seeds that we will be sowing in the next few months.

The element for this full moon is fire making purification rituals a great way to make way for new things. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the lessons you have learned so far and to let go of your mistakes, forgive yourself and move on. Once you’ve accomplished this you can move on to planning your future.

Traditional colours for this moon are deep purple and violet. As such, it is a great idea to incorporate amethyst in your spells and rituals.

Burn a fiery incense for cleansing.

A simple way to acknowledge your lessons is to write them down either in your journal or BOS. I recommend afterward performing a banishing ritual. See my posts for Cleansing.

Photo by Lady Black

You can include in your ritual something like this:

The quickening moon shines full above,

it’s the time to plant seeds, invite love.

Under this full moon, we’ll light the fire

to purify all that is not our desire.

Let go of the past, we must forgive,

we need to heal so we can live,

in the healthy way Spirit meant is to be

so the positive in the world is what we see.

Many blessings,

Lady Black


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