January Full Moon

Known by many as the Cold Moon and the Wolf Moon. The full moon in January is a great time to perform protective and shielding spells and rituals. As we know winter is a time to look inward. Where I live it is so easy to connect to this idea as my area is covered with a thick layer of ice and snow. The snow protects the plants during this time of freezing temperatures by providing insulation. Even if you don’t have snow in your area, you can easily tap into this protective power using the energy of this full moon.

You can cast spells or perform rituals for shielding yourself both physically and spiritually so you have a little protection while you look inward and examine your life up to this point. What have you achieved? What have you not finished? What goals did you set the last cycle and where are you in the process of achieving them? Are there aspects of yourself that you feel need to be re-examined to make positive change in your life?

Use the power of this moon to kick start your personal goals and plans and motivate yourself to finish things that are still undone. As we move into the waning phase you can cast spells for banishing things like negativity, bad habits, even letting go of toxic relationships. It is also a good time to banish your own negative feelings about yourself. As you look inward don’t focus on flaws and regrets, instead see how much you’ve accomplished, the people who love you, the difference you’ve made in the lives of others. It is important to acknowledge the darker things we have in our lives and ourselves, but focus on the good things, the positives and grace.

“Acknowledge the shadow and dance in the light.” Damaris Drewry Song: “Earth, Fire, Water and Air”

Traditional colors are black, white and silver. The element at work here is Air and hematite is the perfect stone to attune to this moon.

Photo by Lady Black

You can charge the hematite to help draw out mental clutter as you look within to focus on what actually needs tended to.

A few words I include in my ritual:

The cold moon is full in the sky

Winter envelopes us in frosty nights

The snow insulates us as we look within

The moon protects as we begin

To develop our inner selves

And clear the clutter from our mental shelves.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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