October Full Moon

The October full moon is generally regarded as the Blood Moon.

With October comes Samhain. There is a strong relationship to death right now, which is evident in the natural world around us.

As Pagans celebrate the earth, we know that death is a necessary part of life as it brings with it (or is followed by) rebirth. The veil is thin and we are able to contact those who have gone before. Divination and seances are popular activities on this full moon.

We should also acknowledge that this is a time of spiritual growth as well. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving from the earth and write them down along with your dreams. Feel the energy change around you. Know that you are changing along with it to achieve your dreams.

Leave offerings tonight for Spirit and deceased loved ones.

Air is the element that rules the Blood Moon. Use obsidian, amethyst and tourmaline together with dark blue, black and purple candles in your spells and rituals.

Photo by Lady Black

You can include words such as:

The Blood Moon is full in the sky,

reminding us that everything will eventually die

as we watch the moon wax and wane

we know with the cycle, nothing stays the same.

The moon’s energy allows us to divine

parts of our futures, where we’re on life’s line.

Spiritual growth and shedding the old

is the essence of this Blood Moon’s bold_

_energy. Reminding us there is rebirth

but there are things we must do first.

Change is upon us, we know it’s so,

let us heed the messages so we may grow.

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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