Cooking Circle – Relationship Healing Smoothie


This is unfortunately the time of year when couples, families and friends tend to argue. From financial worries to personality clashing at the in laws, feelings get hurt and relationships need a little extra TLC. Some of these ingredients are not seasonal, however, with our “supermarkets” and big box stores you should be able to easily find all of the ingredients.

This smoothie was carefully created to bring healing to a myriad of relationships.  Sometimes our bodies are healthy but our relationships are not. This smoothie facilitates the healing of relationships while cooling tempers and improving communication skills. How it works is you and the person whom you need to share healing with will each drink your own glass of this smoothie while you sort out your troubles. We’ve chosen a goblet style glass to drink this from as the goblet symbolizes water and our emotions. I really like to use red wine goblets, they look beautiful and resemble our ritual chalices which I think just adds another layer of magickal energy. Put on some light music (I really like soothing spa music for this) and light a white candle for purity, or choose another color based on the relationship. (Pink for friendship, red for love, and so forth). Be sure to tell the person exactly what you’ve done magickally and be sure they are okay with it.

The ingredients are all associated with the moon as well as healing our emotions and relationships. The coconut garnish is a very important ingredient which should not be overlooked as it is the “seal” to the spell.

You can alter the amounts in the ingredients based on your tastes as long as each ingredient is used.

You will need:

A Blender

Add the ingredients one by one into the blender doing each visualization as outlined below.

1 Cup of yogurt

Plain Greek Yogurt or other plain yogurt is best. This is the best base as yogurt connects us with our emotions. Vegans can substitute with coconut yogurt as it has the properties of peace and healing.

2 cups frozen blueberries, thawed

They are used for both protection and healing and in this case we need both. Add 1 cup of the blueberries while focusing on protecting both parties’ feelings and hearts. Then add the last cup while focusing on healing the relationship.

1 tablespoon roughly chopped cucumber (or to taste)

Use whatever cucumber you prefer or is available to you.  When adding to blender focus on “keeping a cool head”. Cucumber is tied to the emotions and has been used often for keeping calm. “Cool as a cucumber” may have stemmed from this magical property. When everyone is calm you can discuss the real issues without tempers flaring.

1/4 cup Papaya, roughly chopped

Follows the same associations as the other ingredients so as you add it to the blender focus on the friendship aspect since we’ve covered the healing aspect.

Milk if needed for texture and/or flavour

Blend all the ingredients thoroughly in the blender. Start on low speed and as the ingredients mix you can slowly turn up the speed until completely smooth. If the mixture is too thick you can add some milk until the desired texture is achieved.  (Soy milk may also be used).

Pour mixture into goblet style glasses and then garnish.

1 Tablespoon shredded coconut

Coconut has long been used for peace and healing and as it is the garnish for this drink we are treating it like a “seal” for this spell. You are going to sprinkle it on top of each smoothie as the garnish, do so with the visualization of healing and peace to finish off the drink.

Note: while it’s not necessary for the magickal success of this smoothie, I like to toast the coconut before adding it as a garnish. It adds a really nice nutty flavor that blends well with the creamy ingredients. To toast, heat up a skillet on low heat, add the shredded coconut and move the skillet back and forth to keep the coconut constantly moving, and do so until it is slightly browned and fragrant. Coconut will burn very fast so don’t leave it unattended or you will have to start again.




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