Cooking Circle – Kitchen Omens

Today I thought I would share some popular kitchen omens. I find omens and superstitions fascinating. Decide for yourself if they are funny, sensible or an interesting look into the past beliefs of our ancestors. I would love to hear your thoughts on these as well. Please feel free to share other kitchen omens that aren’t listed here. I know there are thousands!

  • If the coffee pot boils over, rain is on the way
  • Good news is on the way if baked apples burst in the oven
  • Guests should be expected if eggs crack while boiling
  • Don’t leave your cupboard doors open or people will gossip about you
  • Accidentally mixing up the salt and sugar in a recipe predicts good news is on the way
  • Forgetting to add a spice to a recipe means bad fortune. Remedy it straight away by adding the spices you forgot
  • Knocking over the sugar bowl is a sign of money while spilling pepper signifies a coming fight. As with salt throw the pepper over your left shoulder to remedy.
  • Spilling salt is a well known sign of trouble. Throw a pinch of salt over the left shoulder to avoid the hex.
  • Always stir in a clockwise motion so you don’t stir negative energy into your food. It was once believed that food could be saved from being poisoned by doing so.
  • The accidental spilling of water on a tablecloth portends to rain.
  • Money will soon be coming your way if any of the following should occur: bubbles appear in a cup of coffee, you accidentally knock over a sugar bowl, rice forms a ring around the edge of a pot or tea leaves float to the surface of the cup.
  • Be prepared for an argument with someone if you should happen to spill pepper on the kitchen table or floor. Remedy by tossing the pepper over your left shoulder.
  • If two persons stir the same pot they will soon find themselves in a quarrel.
  • Same goes for two people sitting on top of a table together.
  • If your apron “comes untied itself” and falls off while you are working in the kitchen, this is generally seen as a sign that someone is thinking about you. Some say it is your sweetheart.
  • If salt and sugar are accidentally mixed up this is also said that your sweetheart is thinking about you.
  • If a fork accidentally falls to the floor a woman will soon knock on your door. A spoon indicates the arrival of a man. (In some parts of the world this is reversed).
  • Never sit on a table if you’re engaged to be married. This will break the engagement.
  • Dropping a slice of bread butter side down is a bad omen, while butter side up is a good omen.
  • Putting your apron on backwards portends good fortune.
  • If you drop a dish rag it means something special is about to happen.
  • An egg accidentally breaking on the floor predicts forthcoming news.
  • Spilling oil while preparing dinner predicts improvements, especially in business.



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