Cooking Circle – All About Garlic


Garlic has been used for centuries as a protection herb. Ropes of garlic can be found mounted on many kitchen walls all over the world. They can be bought at craft shows or made yourself.  You can also just have one whole head of garlic on your kitchen counter to absorb any negative energy in the surrounding area. Never eat it. Toss it in the compost bin when you feel you need to replace it.

Garlic while associated with protection, has also been used for healing. People all over the world have folklore and traditions surrounding garlic and its healing properties.

Experts have agreed that garlic consumption in our everyday diets provides a wonderful assistant in good health.  I strongly recommend that you always use fresh garlic in your recipes (especially in any recipes I post) instead of dehydrated, bottled or freeze dried versions.  Garlic is an inexpensive way to add great flavor and health to your food.

Garlic is associated with Mars and the element of fire.

Roasted Garlic

Today I am sharing a simple recipe for roasted garlic. You can add roasted garlic to many things for the magickal effect (not to mention the health benefits). Roasted garlic can be added to mashed potatoes, gravies, purees, stews, wine sauces, salad dressings, sandwich and burger toppings, toasted breads with cheese, added to sautéed onions for garnishes as well.  I really love to add roasted garlic to veggie burgers because I find them a little bland. The list goes on and on, so let your creative juices flow.

You can do as many or as few heads of garlic as you wish depending on your needs. I typically do 2 heads of garlic for gravies, roasts, toppings etc.

Preheat oven to 325°F.

Expose the cloves by cutting the top third portion of the garlic head.

Drizzle with olive oil to coat the head. (I like to use a silicon brush to help distribute evenly as well as to not use too much oil)

Wrap each head tightly in aluminum foil and place in a baking dish.

Bake until the garlic is soft and tender.

When it has cooled enough you should be able to squeeze the cloves out from the skin. Now you can use it whole or you can mash it to add to purees etc.

May your culinary journey be blessed and magickal!




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