Cooking Circle Prosperity Salad

With spring comes the planting of seeds. Whether we are planting physical seeds for our gardens or seeds within ourselves, we are increasing our abundance. Adding ingredients that bring prosperity into our lives is a great way to tie in what we eat with our goals.

As always, cook with intent and visualize your goals.

I have always found salads to be a great way to increase prosperity. The green leaves symbolize money and abundance and the fresh and crisp taste opens the way for new blessings. Lettuce is generally associated with prosperity so a lettuce based salad is the perfect beginning.

As you wash the lettuce you are cleansing it of unwanted energy as well as physical dirt. If you have a salad spinner, as it spins clockwise visualize the prosperity flowing into the food in the form of green light.

I am a spinach lover. I like to add baby spinach to my salads. Another wonderful addition is alfalfa. Just make sure the alfalfa is fresh!

Next you will want to add your veggies. Tomatoes are money drawing so add fresh tomatoes. You can add any other vegetables you want to the salad. Not every ingredient has to correspond. I love fresh bell peppers, celery, grated carrots and green onions.

Nuts are a wonderful addition to salads. They provide protein, crunch, texture and a hint of salt. Cashews are my favorite. Toast them lightly on the stove top before adding them to the bowl.

If you eat dairy, a little shredded cheese adds a nice dimension to the salad.

A little touch of salt also brings prosperity. Too much will shut down your psychic channels.

You can make a white or red wine vinaigrette for your prosperity salad. It’s so flavourful you don’t need a heavy dressing. I like to add a little basil infused olive oil to my dressing. A basic vinaigrette ratio is 1 part vinegar to 3 parts olive oil. Use the best quality olive oil you can afford. You can add your salt and pepper to taste.

White wine vinegar, red wine vinegar and balsamic are easy to use, but you can also try out flavoured balsamics as well as other flavoured vinegars. Experiment and get creative!

Do you have a favourite homemade salad dressing? Do you have a favourite salad that can be used for prosperity? Share your recipes with us!

Many blessings,

Lady Black



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