Pressing Flowers

I love pressed flowers to use as embellishments for my Book of Shadows. I am also using them in my “Smash Book” and gardening “Smash Book”.

Pressing flowers is quite easy. You need some parchment paper and a large hardcover book. You will also need a few books to fit on top or a place on the book shelf where the book will be squeezed closed.

You can press the entire head of the flower, or you can press the petals of a flower. If you are doing the whole head, you need to leave the flowers for a longer time then the petals. Depending on the size of the flower, it can take a couple of months to become fully pressed and dry. Individual petals will take less time.

Get two sheets of parchment paper and place the flowers you want pressed on one sheet. Leave lots of space between each flower. Once they are arranged, place the second piece of paper on top. Now carefully slip them in to the middle of the book you’ve chosen. Now you can either squeeze it onto the bookshelf or you can put the book on it’s side and pile books on top. Be sure that the book is closed very tightly or this won’t work.

Here are the latest batch of rose petals I have done.


Now you have completely flat flowers to add to your books.



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