Indoor Ritual Enhancements

Stuck Indoors For Ritual

We are often stuck inside for rituals. Whether it is because of nosy neighbours, or we live in apartments, or we’re in concrete jungles, we all from time to time must practice indoors.

I’ve lived in Toronto most of my adult life. Outdoor ritual was something I dreamed of but was almost impossible. While some people feel confident doing ritual in a public park I am not; thus forcing me to adapt.

Some traditions call for the altar to be placed in a certain direction in the circle, etc. A lot of folks take this as a steadfast rule and feel uncomfortable breaking it. Ask yourself this: Why? The books will give you the traditional reasons and what is acceptable. But what if you tune into Earth and the north direction over Air and east? Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the altar in the north? We need to decide when and what is appropriate for us. As Pagans, we have a uniqueness that sets us apart from other religions. Our religions are ones of experience. We are to connect with the earth and Spirit in our own ways. While tradition is very important, what is most important is your relationship with deity and the earth herself. Just because something is “tradition” doesn’t mean it is the only way. For now, keep an open mind.

For me, I had in my condo floor to ceiling windows in the living room. It faced north. Since I am tuned into earth I saw no reason why I shouldn’t be able to put the altar in the north. But the main reason was that I had a marvelous view of the trees outside while doing my ritual. I was celebrating the spring equinox and it really helped me tune into the cycle by being able to see outside. Way better than my altar facing an eastern wall with nature at my back. Is there a window in your home where you can see the sky, a tree or even a city made flower bed? Place your altar there for celebrations and you’ll feel the natural connection more easily.

Also, especially for Sabbats I like to gather up all of my houseplants and place them around the ritual space. We tend to develop strong connections with our house plants so they can lend their energy to our rituals.  Plus, I believe my plants are always happy to be invited to rituals.

I also have a collection of stuffed animals. We often go camping in provincial parks and each year they have a different, collectible stuffed animal. These animals are chosen because they are native to Canada. I place these little guys around the ritual space as well. I have squirrels and chipmunks, polar bears, frogs, and beavers. They’re also small enough to set up inside. Just one more symbol, one more tool to help you connect to nature.

You can also place cut flowers and bowls of fruit around the room. A cauldron filled with snow is great for winter rituals. Think outside the box. What can you bring into your space? Flowers, stones and crystals? Leaves? Can you put some nature sounds on your blue tooth speaker? Anything you can do to bring the outside in, even if it is only symbolic, will help you stay focused and connected.

How do you enhance your indoor rituals? Please share with us.



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