September Full Moon


September Full Moon

Perhaps one of the most “famous” of the full moons, September is the Harvest Moon. This full moon is so large and bright orange it is very hard to ignore. What is also hard to ignore is that we know winter is just around the corner. This is the time to pick the last of the produce and make soups, pies, do canning and freezing. Take a lesson from our squirrel and chipmunk friends and scurry to get stores of food put away before the dormancy of winter. It’s time to pull out sweaters and jackets and freshen them up. If you left out any dried herbs and spices last month, stock up on those as well to prepare for winter cooking.

Bring the outdoors in for your spells and rituals. Make corn dollies, bring in gourds and pumpkins and ears of ornamental corn.

Enjoy times with friends and family as we celebrate the last of the harvest. Reconnect with people who may have traveling this summer and share the abundance.

The colours for this moon are earth tones such as browns and greens which you can match up with citrines, chrysolites, and blood stones and celebrate the element of earth.

Now is a good time to tune into the cycle of the earth right now. Gaze up at the Harvest Moon and let it touch your heart. Plan out what you need to harvest both physically and spiritually to prepare for the coming of winter.


You can include some words such as these in your rituals:

The harvest moon is orange and full

now we feel the moon’s pull

it is time to work hard, time to prepare

we see it in the trees, feel it in the air.

Harvest our crops both spiritual and mundane

prepare for the time the sun is on the wane

Gaze at the moon and make a list

be sure not to waste any of Spirit’s gifts.



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