Creating a Smash Book

My friend introduced me to the concept of a smash book. It’s a wonderful idea and it is quite popular amongst crafters.

Basically it is a cross between a journal and a scrapbook. Every person will have a different book unique to their own lives, interests, experiences and paths. It is a great way to get your feelings out and add pictures and quotes along the way. Magazine pictures, stamps, cut outs, photographs and stories can all be added. You can use some of the pages to vent frustrations and other pages for inspiration and celebrations. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

You need to find a book or binder to begin. Blank pages are best but lined pages will suffice. Now you can decide what to add to the book. Do you want to start with some inspiring quotes or stories? You can print things and paste them in or write them in your own hand. Look through magazines and your photo collections and cut out things that call out to you. I even put in decorating ideas for my home. You can add to it whenever you feel like it. Use it as a journal too and write down your thoughts and feelings and experiences. You can make collages and mix in words or just journal in pictures. Whatever you feel like doing at any given time. Each page can be unique. The book doesn’t need to be consistent. It’s your journey.

As you grow and add more pages it is a nice idea to look at it at the change of the seasons to see how far you’ve come. Sometimes we aren’t cognizant of how much we have changed and evolved and accomplished and this is a great reminder.



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