Witch Bottle for Home Protection


Making a witch bottle is easy and you can make them for any variety of reasons. Here, I will show you how to make one for home protection.

6 is the number for protection; so you can add any of these ingredients in multiples of 6, 6 for each ingredient or the ingredients can add up to 6. Whatever combination you like.

The ingredients are:

  • pins
  • garlic cloves
  • salt
  • soil
  • red jasper
  • amethyst

You will need a small jar. I like to use baby food jars, but whatever you have on hand is good. You will also need a black candle to use to seal the jar. Bury your completed witch bottle at the entrance of your home. I am making two as I use both my front and back door equally.


I have found that you don’t need to say any words when making a witch bottle, you only need to visualize it working. My visualization is a huge protective bubble surrounding my entire property.

Place all of your ingredients in the bottle with the visualization and then close up the bottle and seal with black candle wax. Continue the visualization until your bottle is completely sealed. Once you’re ready to bury it, shake the bottle 6 times to activate it’s energy. As you bury it also do the visualization. You may want to finish with “This spell is sealed so mote it be.” Or something like that.



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