Planning Your Garden Pt. 3 – Garden Journal or “Smash Book”

I recently discussed the idea of a “smash book” and how to go about making your own. I decided to make one for gardening. This book is all about my gardening journey. It is a journal of sorts, along with gardening info I find interesting or useful. It is where I can put the seed packaging in with a blurb about that particular brand, how it grew etc. I have also included a section at the back where I can track all of my canning. How much I made, how fast we ate through it etc. It is also a place to put pretty pictures and cut outs from magazines for inspiration as well as a place to record my personal journey.

If you want to take a look at the instructions for a non-specific “smash book” you can revisit my post by clicking here.

I suggest keeping a gardening journal for tracking purposes, even it isn’t a “smash book”. You can still keep track of all the things I discussed above, as well as graph paper mapping out your garden’s dimensions, tracking the sun in your space, how far apart you are placing your plants etc. Be sure to include what did and did not work for you and your plans/corrections for next year. I love to include tips I have picked up along the way. You can also divide the year up with lists of things that need done in the off season, such as ordering new seeds, repairing tools, fixing baskets etc. as well as a list of new items or plants you will be adding during the growing season. You can include information on your Plant Hardiness Zone as well for a quick reference.

DSCN0868 DSCN0870

Another thing I have added are some gardening quotes. Some are pagan related quotes about herbs, others are from lines of poetry about gardening and nature, some are song lyrics from my favourite Pagan musicians. Get creative!

As you plan your garden for this year, make notes of all the things you have done so you can keep track of what’s working and what’s not. Use graph paper to map the garden and the path of the sun on your property. You can also keep track of what pests are drawn to your garden and how you resolvedĀ  the issue (or didn’t).

Share your garden journal or smash book with us. Send in your pics and I will post them!

I wish you great success in your garden ventures! Happy digging!

Many blessings,

Lady Black

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